"A wonderful and wholesome book that reminds readers about the affirming power of human goodness."

~ Bill Treasurer, Author of Leaders Open Doors

About The Book

Unseen Tears is a poignant, but hopeful, journey through the lives and challenges of orphans and orphanages in China.

Even in the midst of overwhelming odds and very limited resources, there are people committed to supporting and transforming the lives of these most vulnerable children.

Set amidst the complexities and contradictions that is modern China, Unseen Tears draws on Beau Sides’ nearly 50 trips and teaching tours to China to paint an accurate picture of the challenges - and a glimpse of encouragement - for China’s orphans.

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By Beau Sides

Endorsements For 'Unseen Tears'

  • "I am thankful for the day that I met the loving children depicted in Unseen Tears. They captured my heart, but my heart was broken by the needs and tremendous medical challenges of the children. I am thankful that Beau has shared the story of these unforgettable children so their story might be forever in your heart!"
    ~ Brenda Clifton, Volunteer In Schools & Orphanages Worldwide
  • "Beau has done it again - his writing has given us a beautiful glimpse into the people and places of China. This powerful story about China’s orphans will move your heart and call you to be a part of making a difference in the world. If you want to expand your understanding of China, read this book."
    ~ Randy Gravitt, Co-Author of Finding Your Way
  • "Each child at the orphanage described in Unseen Tears left an imprint on our hearts. One has come to our home in the States as we legally adopted her, but the rest of her friends at the orphanage in China need continued assistance with physical, financial, and nutritional challenges, and most of all, they need our prayers."
    ~ Robin Cronin, Adoptive Parent
  • "There are so many current world events that are loud and chaotic, demanding our attention. Yet Beau’s book refocuses our attention on a group of children who are quietly hidden away but desperately needing our attention. With his first person account, this book touched my heart for the disabled children of China. "
    ~ Linda Freeman, Author of Inspired For Greater Things
  • "My experience with China began in 2006 when I packed my two bags and moved to an unknown land and began teaching and serving in places I would have never dreamed. This book shows the huge need for an ever growing special needs population in China to be loved and adored just like any other child in the world."
    ~ Jennifer Bowden, Adoptive Parent & Orphanage Volunteer
  • "Very honest and compelling account of the lives of orphaned children in China. This book tells the story of the little lost lives living in China’s orphanages. Truly an eye opening piece of work."
    ~ Tammie Adams, Orphanage Volunteer

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Unseen Tears

About Beau

Beau is the founder and president of Global Partners In Life, a non-profit organization that helps orphans, special needs orphans, and disadvantaged youth with educational, humanitarian, and medical needs in China. Since 2004, Global Partners in Life has been giving for the purpose of enabling young lives to prosper. Please visit http://globalpartnersinlife.org to learn more.

He is also the author of Lessons From China, a fictional story of a young woman who moves to China to teach English, only to discover that she has some lessons of her own to learn.

Formerly, Beau successfully served in the tech world as a manager for IBM. His passion is to serve others and doing so as the president of Global Partners In Life has been his focus and a joy.

Unseen Tears

About John Manning

John Manning is the President of Management Action Programs, Inc. (MAP), a general management consulting firm based in Southern California. Since 1960, MAP has tapped its talent and expertise to help 170,000 leaders in over 15,000 organizations nationwide create breakthrough results.

John has diverse experience in business leadership, having held executive positions in Fortune 500 companies in operations, marketing, and sales. Formerly the Director of Operations for McKesson Water Products, Inc., he was also part of a leadership team that took the company national.

A resident of Southern California, John enjoys mentoring young professionals and entrepreneurs. An avid cyclist, John is passionate about spending time in the great outdoors. He is devoted to his wife Robin and his entire family..


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Unseen Tears

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Orphans are all around the world, many of them with special needs. To transform their lives, some of them receive wonderful care, but some are living in deplorable conditions.

The reality is that if you invest your time, talent, and resources, these children can have much happier and healthier lives.

Unseen Tears is the story of these children's journeys. You can get involved with Global Partners In Life or with one of the many other local and international organizations that help orphans domestically and internationally.

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